Hemocytometer app

I have talked before about an iPhone app called HemocyTap. I have been using it for a while and I fully recommend it. It’s a total time saver. No going around the lab trying to find the tally counters, the lab book (or a piece of paper), the calculator… Plus, you get all your data directly in your inbox! It’s all in there, and it’s as easy as ABC. So if you’re starting out with the hemocytometer, this app can save your life. Or, if you’re experienced already, you will ask yourself how you have survived so long without it. Seriously.

*UPDATE* The new HemocyTap version has been released! Here’s the video:


*OLD VERSION* These guys just posted a fun video that quickly explains its capabilities; I personally think it’s awesome!

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  3. How about an app for Android?

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